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DIY Recipe: Honey-Almond Conditioner

Honey and Almond Oil Natural Hair Conditioner

If you’ve checked out our infographic on Natural Ingredients for Natural Hair, you already know that there are plenty of kitchen staples that can pull double duty both as snacks and natural hair products. One of the sweetest of these – literally and figuratively – is that delicious golden natural nectar, honey! Continue reading

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Hair Care Heresy

We’ve all made some hair care missteps during our natural hair journey; not sealing with an oil after conditioning, dry detangling attempts, etc. But not many of us, to my knowledge, have gone so far as to give “professional,” celebrity-endorsed advice that could lead another natural to damage or mismanage her newly-liberated tresses… Until now. Check out this post from Derby City Naturals about a supposed natural hair pro whose hair care tips are absolutely contradictory to what we know to be the right way to maintain healthy, beautiful curls, kinks, and locs.

F is For Fail

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