#ybnArtists: Georgia Anne Muldrow – Great Blacks

#ybnArtists: Georgia Anne Muldrow – Great Blacks

“I’m gon’ be fine/ Divinely designed/ My heart do the beatin’ but the blood ain’t mine…”

From the very first rhyme, Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Great Blacks (of the recently released A Thoughtiverse Unmarred)  is a soulful ode to the ancestors “standing in her corner.” Sporting a radiantly fluffy afro, chunky rings and chains, and enviable giant gold hoops, the all black-clad singer-slash-rapper-slash-goddess reveals how her path was irrevocably changed by the realization of her divinity and connection to those who’d paved the way before her.

The languid tempo and majestic horns make this the perfect tune to relax to after a long day, yet the lyrics also evoke a sense of urgency, an immediate need to create a better life worth living in honor of those who guide, support, and depend on our success. And if her infectious, schoolgirl grin at 1:22 doesn’t instantly cause a smile to spread across your face, rewind and watch again.


2 thoughts on “#ybnArtists: Georgia Anne Muldrow – Great Blacks

  1. I love this video. I don’t know that I have the words to be able to express how it makes me feel. But I will say that the ultimate expression of love is allowing my fro to be. Whatever it may be.

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