Infographic: How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

Co-Wash Natural Hair

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35 thoughts on “Infographic: How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

  1. bkaphrodite says:

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    Still have questions about how to work with your newly natural hair? Check this post out!

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    Co-washing or conditioner only washing is a method used by many naturals to rinse their hair of existing product and sweat while adding moisture back into the hair. It is not a replacement for cleansing the hair, but this technique can be used between washes to avoid over-drying effects of shampoo. Check out this awesome info-graphic from YoungBlackNappy.

  3. Love this InfoGraphic, it is BRILLIANT! I reblogged this post and shared on Derby City Naturals

  4. […] shampoos that strip hair of natural oils, many naturalistas have turned to the no-poo and co-wash movements to care for their natural hair. However, for some, the hair & scalp just don’t […]

  5. lovefro says:

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    Love this….

  6. Jlynn Smith says:

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  7. maria says:

    I have been using the co washing method for a while now and I love it. It works great for me. Cant wait to start tying out the new shampoo and conditioner recipes.

  8. sophie says:

    I’m white but have kinda black curly hair because my dad bas like coarse afro hair and my mom has wavy hair. My hair has been through a lot.iv been expermenting……I used to wash my hair with shampoo….and it driend out my locks. But co washing really helps to moisterize. I use wen and I love it. Thanks for the routine. I love my locks..!

  9. Nai@eatclean says:

    What a wonderful breakdown of what co-washing is! I will definitely be sharing this on our Facebook page: Naturallyu! Thank you!

  10. Nicoleta says:

    Super infographic, I might use it too on my curly hair blog, of course giving you credits for it. Is ok?

  11. naturalchary says:

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    Cowash natural hair

  12. Kathryn stevenson says:

    Hi I have a 2 year old with Afro hair I have ginger hair so I never know what to do with her hair so if anyone has any good tips for me I would be very great full thanks x

  13. Barbara Deike says:

    Does this work for caucasians with straight hair? Thanks :)

  14. Mounique says:

    So how often do you recommend washing the hair with shampoo? Also won’t my hair be dirtier with only conditioner and oil in it?

    • K. Ophelia says:

      Great questions! I, personally don’t ever “recommend” traditional shampoo for natural hair. For some, it’s a preference, but you never “need” it for hair to be clean. Your scalp is what you should really focus on cleansing; normal shampoos will strip that AND your strands of beneficial natural oils.

      When you cowash, you can rinse all the conditioner out if you’d like. My hair is very coarse and thick, so I always leave a bit in for extra moisture. Your hair won’t feel dirty unless you allow lots of sweat and product to build up over time.

  15. This was very helpful.
    I going to try to keep my 7yr old daughter’s hair natural and also encourage her to love on her natural
    hair as she grows into adulthood.

  16. I absolutely love this infograph! So informational! Love it!

  17. […] with Shea Butter and Keratin to helps replenish moisturize for naturally curly textures. I usually co-wash my natural curls to avoid stripping my hair of its natural oils, so I was interested to see if this […]

  18. Tuddy says:

    im new to the natural and loving it but im allergic to coconut oil what would you recommend instead

  19. Evy says:

    In infographic you shared the very nice way to wash hair its very informative tips.

  20. Janet Diaz says:

    Great infographic. Very useful. Thanks for sharing. These tips can help hair from damage. When there isn’t proper washing of hair, it may leads to damage or occurs tangles. Yes, if there isn’t proper washing of hair, shampoo and its chemicals will set on the roots of hair and that causes hair loss.

  21. Hannah says:

    Great tips! Some of them i’ve never thought to do before! thanks

  22. […] less of a struggle. I’ve tried all the “right” products and techniques – co-washing, finger detangling, detangling sprays, tangle-teasers, you name it. Tonight I even tried bribing […]

  23. […] you for having both. Like much of any naturalista’s hair care regimen, the frequency of co-washing varies extensively based on your hair texture, climate, daily activities, and styling practices. […]

  24. Janet Brown says:

    Can I do the same and have the same results using coconut oil?

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