These Brothers Have Style

These Brothers Have Style

Thanks to a short cyber trip to check out Huffinton Post’s Black Voices page, today I had to the unexpected pleasure of chancing upon Street Etiquette for the very first time. How I missed two handsome, finely dressed brothers like Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs while traversing the internet, I have no idea – but I couldn’t let any of my unaware readers go another day without having a peek!

These young entrepreneurs (both only 22 years old!) have created a space for young Black men to discover and play with a new style of urban menswear that takes its cues from classic American wardrobes and gives them a hip, self-aware update for 2011. From summer suits and pocket squares to vintage designer accessories and masculine totes, the two mix purchases from thrift shops and eBay with modern pieces to construct a look that’s elegant and extremely cool – all while sporting funky natural hair!

I’m definitely digging the style, confidence, and intelligence evident in every post published on the Street Etiquette blog; you can bet I’ll be checking in frequently to see what new looks they’ve put together (and do a little “window shopping” of my own!).

Street Etiquette Facebook
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