Lost in the Fray

If #NaBloPoMo is a ball, then I have dropped it. Hard.

The past few days of work have been, in short, brutal. Early mornings and late nights with very few moments of appreciation in between. It’s the nature of the beast. Truthfully, I love my job – but there are days when I find myself daydreaming about flinging my MacBook into the salty Pacific and burying myself in the sand up to my neck.

But, alas, I’m in landlocked Ohio. And I kind of need to make money, right? Right. My (often fun and usually exciting) 9-to-5 is currently how I get that done. If I make it to next week, the same job will land me right in (hopefully) sunny Laguna Beach – so I probably shouldn’t complain. Even though I will.

I have a TON of new content I want to share here – a fun and insightful interview with a local naturalista, a new DIY natural beauty recipe, and even a bit of an announcement (gasp!) – but, for now, lack of mental energy has led me turning to the official #NaBloPoMo list for a writing prompt. And, in keeping with my general lack of regard for rules and regulations, I’m going to use the prompt from yesterday. This is the part where you have pity and stop judging me. (Who am I kidding? Judge away.)

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?

Too easy! But, right now, easy is just what I need. If I could get rid of just ONE personal worry of mine, it would be related to finances. I can’t be the only person who knows for sure that, if they just had an unlimited pool of financial resources, most of the rest of life would fall right into place. I know Biggie taught us that mo’ money leads to mo’ problems, but I really just want enough to buy a nice, private home, pay for my son’s eventual college tuition, kickstart my business, and travel around the world – twice. Is that really too much to ask for?

I know I’m fortunate to have my health, a husband who loves me, a terrific son, and a job I can complain about. Not everyone can say the same, so I’m extremely grateful. But I wouldn’t turn my nose up at one of those cartoonishly gigantic lottery checks if one were to have my name on it, you know?

Do you worry about anything on a regular basis? What steps could you take to eliminate that worry from your life?

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Not Wrapped Too Tight | How NOT to Tie Your Head Wrap

Check out my deceptively simple-looking head wrap masterpiece. I will likely never get it this perfect again - but I'll be trying like heck.

Check out my deceptively simple-looking head wrap masterpiece. I will likely never get it this perfect again – but I’ll be trying like heck.

It was probably close to three years ago when, in a fit of desperation to get out of the house at a decent time one Saturday morning, I took a giant, colorful scarf out of my dresser, wrapped and knotted it around my head, and spent the day getting more compliments than I’d have imagined from my impromptu bad hair day solution. Ever since, I’ve been a big fan of head wraps, but mostly utilized large scarves fashioned into giant knots on my forehead instead of trying fabric cut and created specifically for wrapping hair. However, as my love and appreciation for the bold, striking patterns that characterize traditional wraps has grown, I’ve longed to find just the right ones to start off what is sure to become a prolific collection.

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Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood: Internalized Racism and Natural Hair

Oh, the Internet. Where everyone is an expert on things they didn’t actually read. I could sit here and pretend that I’m shocked or hurt or upset, but mostly, I’m validated. I knew when I started writing this blog over 3 years ago that someday, someone would try to twist my words – no matter how carefully I wrote them. It actually almost stopped me from writing and promoting my work. But, alas, I got over myself. Enough so that, today, when people took my words and my intentions completely out of context, it made me chuckle. Continue reading

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